5 Ways to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

Ways to decorate for Fall on a

Fall. Oh, how I love Fall. Not to mention the boots, scarves and sweaters. But the pumpkin treats, decorations and candles. Ahh! There is honestly not much that I love more than decorating. Well, maybe cooking and sipping on a great glass of wine, but other than that, decorating takes the cake. So naturally, when Fall rolls around the first thing I want to do it prepare the house, but if you are anything like me, that means on a budget (my least favorite word).

I know I generally stick to recipes around here, but sometimes a girls gotta decorate, if ya know what I mean, so bear with me (and maybe you’ll get my famous pumpkin spice latte recipe out of it tomorrow!).

So it is September 10th. I have been ready for Fall since mid-August (but that is a different story.) And thinking back to all of the ways I make my house a home for the holidays, I realized there are five things that I do to ensure that I am ready for Fall, without breaking the bank. So, like the sharer that I am, here are 5 tips sure to help you jump into fall, without falling into debt.

  1. Be thrifty– No, I am not saying that everything you buy has to be second hand, but sometime you can find the best decoration at your local Goodwill! I always look for tablecloths, runners, decorative art and cute table pieces like pumpkins, turkeys and leafs.
  2. Check under the Tree– The Dollar Tree that is! This is my  best worst kept secret when it comes to decorating. Everything from my wreath to my table decor comes from this place. I mean seriously, who can beat $1?! fall centerpiece
  3. Go with candles– Nothing says welcome-to-my-Fall-filled-home better than some season-inspired candles. Favorites on my list are vanilla, apple spice, pumpkin (duh) and cinnamon. Best yet? I generally pick up these fall-inspired scents at Ross, making them much less expensive, and just as delicious!Fall candle
  4. Make your wreath yourself Yes, I know that not everyone is crafty, but making your wreath can save you TONS of money, and it ensures that you will have a unique piece that welcomes people into your home in a way perfectly represents you. (I’ll be posting an easy DIY wreath making blog over then next week, so be on the lookout!)fall wreath
  5. Stick with featured areas– Rather than stressing about redecorating each part of your home, stick with small spaces that really stand out. For instance, I decorated my dining room by accentuating the table with a runner and centerpiece (costing less than $10 total!!). I will add small touches with pumpkins and candles throughout the main level of our house, but I make sure to keep a balance so that my regular decorations still work with my theme.

Also, as a bonus, I utilize chalk boards to add season-inspired messages throughout my home. Because these are already worked into my regular decor, they don’t cost a thing!

How do you decorate for fall on a budget? Let me know!

xoxo Ashley Kate


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