Reflecting on Blessings: A note


Hi there, its been awhile. 

Busy schedules—work and law school—have kept me pretty preoccupied lately. Not only am I busy, but my hardworking, loving and selfless husband is also back in the saddle, taking on his MBA:Healthcare Management, all while working more hours and striving harder to support our family. All this to say, cooking has fallen to the wayside (though I kept the wine part around—ya know, just to keep it real).

Now, generally I try not to bore the online community with my unabashed sarcasm, politically incorrect ideals (ok, maybe I don’t try so hard with those first two) and unwarranted convictions—but today I decided to let you in. Just this once (then I’ll get back to the food and drinks—priorities people!).

As I sit here thinking about quirky ways to engage you, my friends, I can only manifest one thought to completion: I am blessed beyond measure. 

They say that a woman’s worth can be found in what she dares to leave behind. Her legacy, her family. Her strong convictions, her relentless work ethic. They say you can look at a woman’s blessings and see her, the real her.

When I think of the blessings I have been given, I can’t help but realize that I am the fool—let me expound.

I am the fool who lets her emotions control her destiny.

I am the fool who takes her blessings with an open hand, as if they were a well-deserved handout all along.

I am the fool who carries her convictions like a cross too heavy to bear. 

I am the fool who has treated friendships like burdens.

I am the fool who touts her reflective perceptions as laws to be abided by.

I am the fool—but I would venture to guess you are too.

You see, I don’t say all of this to garner attention. I don’t do it to shed light on all of my insecurities, missteps and failures. I say this because it needs to be heard.

You. You with the life full of joy. Yes, your sadness, weeping and mourning may have lasted a night. But joy came in the morning.

Every day you wake up to see the sun rise. Every day you breathe another breath—you have been blessed beyond measure.

You see, I have spent far too long carrying burdens for attention. I throw my blessings in the mud just to feel justified in my complaining. I have carried my friends through the fire just to reserve the right to show my scars. I am the fool who needed saving.

So, here we are. Here I am: Blessed beyond measure.

Sometimes life is not about being perfect. We are all the fool. We all need saving. We all will make mistakes—be it a job, a relationship, a friendship or a decision. We all will fall…but I will always get back up.

Lest I lead you astray, this isn’t a disheartened reflection on a regretful history. This is my anthem. This is where the strength to overcome is born. In understanding that I am not a product of my circumstance. I am not a product of my choices. You are not a product of the wounds that left you those scars.

You are an overcomer. You are blessed beyond measure. When your heart is beating, when your children are laughing, when those same children are crying—when your husband isn’t hearing you, when your career is booming, when your job is draining—you are blessed.

So, from one blessed fool to another, thank you. Thank you to those who have supported me, to those who have chastised me, for those who have forgiven me—and even for those who have pushed me out of your life.

It is from each of you that I have gained the wisdom to overcome, and the revelation that I am blessed.

You cannot understand the significance of the rain if you’ve never experienced thirst in the drought.

So, for those of you who are like me, a little hard-headed—ok, maybe a lot—, I challenge you to take the time to recognize your blessings today, rather than focusing on your trial.

You never know, it just might make you see your life through a whole new lens—and maybe that will be just enough to warrant a little table talk.

xoxo Ashley Kate


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